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Magnetic gel polishes are a type of nail polish that contains magnetic particles. When exposed to a magnetic force, such as magnet tool, the particles react, creating mesmerizing 3D-like patterns and designs on the nail surface. This innovative nail product has gained popularity in the nail art community for its unique and eye-catching effects.

Here's how magnetic gel polishes work:

1. Magnetic Gel Polish Application: Magnetic gel polishes are applied similarly to regular gel polishes. The process involves preparing the nails by shaping, buffing, and applying a base coat. After that, the magnetic gel polish is carefully applied to the nails in thin, even layers.

2. Magnet Activation: Once the magnetic gel polish is applied to the nail, a magnet tool is held around the uncured gel polish. The magnet in the tool creates a magnetic field that interacts with the magnetic particles in the gel polish.

3. Creating the Design: As the magnetic wand is held above the wet gel polish, the magnetic particles move and align themselves along the magnetic field. This movement creates a unique pattern, typically in a wave-like or striped design, on the nail surface.

4. Curing the Gel Polish: After the magnetic design is created, the nails are cured under a UV or LED lamp to set the gel polish and lock in the magnetic effect.

5. Top Coat Application: To finish the manicure and protect the design, a clear top coat is applied over the cured magnetic gel polish.

The magnetic effect can vary depending on the strength and design of the magnetic wand used, as well as the technique applied by the nail artist. Some magnetic gel polishes come with pre-designed magnetic caps, while others allow for more creativity by using separate magnetic wands to achieve different patterns.

Magnetic gel polishes are available in various colors, and the patterns they create add a sense of depth and dimension to the nails, making them stand out and capture attention.

It's important to note that using magnetic gel polishes may require some practice to achieve the desired effect accurately. Additionally, working with magnetic gel polishes requires a steady hand and quick application to ensure the magnetic effect is achieved before the polish starts to cure.

Overall, magnetic gel polishes are an exciting addition to the world of nail art, offering a fun and innovative way to create stunning and unique designs on the nails.

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