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Press-on Nails Gel Adhesive 15ml

Press-on Nails Gel Adhesive 15ml

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Press-on Nails Gel Adhesive is a very dense gel for full coverage tips application. It makes press-ons application easy and fast. Product creates a suction cup effect and holds the tip in place so you can cure it in the LED Lamp without need to hold the tip with your fingers.

Prep of the nail before application of press-ons is the same as for other nail extension systems


1. Remove non living tissue from the nail plate

2. Gently buff the nail

3. Apply dehydrator

4. Apply bonder / non acid primer. Air dry for 1 min

5.  Apply gel base and cure 30-60 sec

6.  Scoop small portion of gel with the top part of the tip or a brush

7. Apply the tip starting from proximal fold area and slowly proceede with the pressure towards the free edge. You can observe as the gel is moving slowly towards free edge

8.  Remove any gel excess and cure the nail for 60 seconds

9.   Buff the entire nail surface and remove any gel from cuticle area 

10.  Proceede with color application

This gel has a great adhesion and resistance. Press ons last 3-4 weeks and after that time we can do refil just as on acrylic or gel nails.

For the removal, I advice to use an e-file to remove 90% of the product and then proceede to application of new product or continue to soak in acetone. (This product soaks of slowly)

Curing time: 60 - 120sec in LED /120 UV

Product size: 15ml



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Norma Ponce

Is a little hard to clean , I use twice and twice felt

Ariane Lopez