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3D Water Transfer Decal - Design #6

3D Water Transfer Decal - Design #6

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3D Water Transfer Nail Sticker

Textured 3D water stickers that transfer onto your client's nail in seconds. Just choose your design, cut it out with scissors and soak for about 5-10 seconds in water. Now use your finger or tweezers to slide it on the nail and voila!. Create new and stylish designs in seconds! Mix and match different elements to bring your own masterpiece to life.


Water Transfer Nail Stickers can be applied on inhibition (tacky) layer of any gel polish, gel top coat or Transfer Foil Gel (So Sticky!!!). After application, cure the nail again for better adhesion to the inhibition layer. Seal with So Shiny!!! Gel Top.

3D Water Transfer Nail Stickers can also be used on traditional nail polish. Make sure the nail polish is completely dry before transferring a sticker.

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