The Painted Mermaid Bundle

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The Painted Mermaid bundle contains:

• Blending gel

• Deep Black Gel

• Mermaid Chrome Powder

• Zhostovo Brush #2

• Medium Liner Brush


Blending Gel is a specially formulated dual-use gel used to:

• Prepare gel brushes before painting. It makes the bristles soft and flexible. 

• Clean brushes during and after work, or whenever changing colors. This will help to preserve and protect the brush.

👉🏼 Also be sure to protect your brushes from any source of UV light (lamp, sun etc).

• Blend either gel paints, gel polish or both together for certain nail art techniques.

The Blending Gel formula itself has very low sensitivity to ambient light, so it won’t cure easily on your brush or palette. However, the gel will cure if exposed to a direct UV light source (like a UV lamp).

Blending Gel has an inhibition layer after curing.

Recommenses curing time : 30-60 sec
Product quantity: 15ml

Deep Black Gel is a super-pigmented black gel for nail art.

Amazing coverage even with very thin layers. Great for painting petals, lines, ombre or blending with a sponge or brush.


Due to its high concentration of pigment, Deep Black Gel should be applied in thin layers only. Otherwise, the gel may cure improperly and wrinkle.

Curing time: 60 sec in LED lamp / 2 min in UV lamp

Product size: 5ml


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