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Gel Paint - Black (4g)

  • $8.00
  • $10.00
- $2.00
  • Gel paint designed for nail art
  •  jar contains 4g of gel. (PLEASE NOTE: jar itself has 10g capacity, so the jar has 60% empty space. You are paying for 4g)
  • 30 sec curing time in LED/UV Lamp
  • No inhibition (tacky) layer
  • Gel is shiny after curing

👉🏼 Advice: Leave the gel open for 2-3 days protected from light and dust. This will slightly change consistency and improve the performance

Charisma Gel Paint works very well with CHROME POWDERS. Since it has no inhibition layer, you can make designs and apply chrome powder directly on top of it once it’s cured.

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Customer Reviews

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Simone Hocks

Hi there. So I purchased this black gel paint and I noticed that when I line with it it doesn’t cure completely. I’m curing it for the right amount of time but it seems to bubble then pop and bleed. Maybe I just got a bad one, not sure. My other products are great though!