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So Sticky !!! Foil Transfer Gel + FREE foil set

So Sticky !!! Foil Transfer Gel + FREE foil set

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So Sticky!!! is a very sticky gel for transfer foils.

It transfers designs like magic. It's thin viscosity and extremely sticky.

Color: Clear

Viscosity: Thin

Curing time: 60 sec LED, 120 sec UV

Product Size: 15 ml 

💎 IMPORTANT: If you cover entire surface of the nail with foil, make sure to leave 1mm on each side and free edge without foil. This is to let the gel sealer adhere well and seal the foil. Otherwise you might have an issue with chipping off of the design. 

1. Apply a thin coat of So Sticky!!! Foil Transfer Gel over finished, filed nail or on cured gel polish ( clean tacky layer of gel polish)
2. Cure 60 sec in LED lamp / 120 sec UV lamp            
3. Apply transfer foil, press and smooth out from center to each side and corners. Peel the foil off.
4. Seal the nail with BASE GEL and cure 60 sec. Make sure to cover the free edge
5. Apply Glossy or Matte gel top coat and cure 60 seconds

💎 ADVISE: if you want to do a full coverage with the foil, for best results it’s advised to apply similar color of gel polish before So Sticky!!!.

💎 ADVISE: If you want to apply color gel polish before So Sticky!!! it is advised to remove the tacky layer of color gel polish before application of So Sticky!!!. This will prevent transfer problems.

👉🏼FOR EXAMPLE:                                                                   
1. Apply green gel polish.  Cure 30-60 seconds

2. Clean Tacky layer with alcohol or gel cleanser

3. Apply So Sticky!!!. Cure 30-60 seconds

4. Apply green transfer foil

5. Seal the foil and free edge with clear gel base.  Cure 60 seconds

6. Seal nail with shiny or matte gel top coat

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